Copper Country Community Mental Health

24 HOUR EMERGENCY HELP: 1-800-526-5059
Request Services: 1-877-906-CCMH(2264) or (906)483-5555


ACT: Assertive Community Treatment (intense program for adults)

AFC: Adult Foster Care

APS: Adult Protective Services

AOT: Alternative order for Treatment

BOFR: Board of Financial Responsibility (the CMH who pays for treatment)

BPS: Biopsychosocial

BRAVO:  Business, Recreation, Advocacy, Vocational, Opportunities

CAFAS: Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale

CMH or CMHSP: Community mental health or Community mental health service provider

CMHP: Children’s Mental Health Professional

COD: Co-occurring disorder

CPS: Child Protective Services

CPT Code: Current Procedural Terminology Code (The code assigned to an Auth)

CSM: Client Services Manager (a case manager)

CSP: Community Support Program

DBT: Dialectical behavior therapy

DHHS: Department of Health and Human Services

EBP: Evidence-based practice

ELMER: our Electronic Medical Record System

FAE: Fetal Alcohol Effects

FAS: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

FPE: Family psychoeducation (an EBP for consumers and their families)

FY: Fiscal Year (starts October 1)

HR: Human Resources

ICSS: Intensive Crisis Stabilization and Support

I/DD: Intellectual and/or Developmental disability

IEP: Individualized Education Plan

IHC: Integrated health care

IP: Inpatient

IT: Information Technology

IPOS: Individual Plan of Service

PCP: Person-centered Plan; or Primary Care Physician

PECFAS: Preschool Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale

PHI: Protected Health Information

PIHP: Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan (Northcare)

PMTO: Parent Management Training- Oregon (an EBP for children with behavior problems)

PSP: Parent Support Partner

SA: Substance Abuse

SC: Supports Coordinator

SDI: Self Determination Initiative

SE: Supported Employment

SED: Serious emotional disturbance (children)

SMI: Serious mental illness (adults)

SUD: Substance use disorder

TF-CBT: Trauma-focused CBT (an EBP for children with trauma)

UPHP: Upper Peninsula Health Plan (managed care for physical health for people with Medicaid)

YPS: Youth Peer Support